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Your sound is one of the most powerful tools of expression that you have and one of the first things that a listener will relate to.Think of Cannonball, Sanborn, Ernie Watts,Lenny Pickett or Coltrane; for masters like these sound was an integral part of their musical identity, just hearing that sound was enough to get their message across to the audience.

Your sound encompasses all the aspects of your musicianship and is a direct result of what you are practicing. Focus on sound when you work on technique, scales or whatever it is that you are in the practice room with. In doing this your sound will become ingrained into your personal concept, becoming an essential part of the overall message of YOU!

Check out this long tone study ; Many of my New York City private students and students in the New School University have gained a lot by doing this one daily.

Also- a good warm up ;

Remember....the SOUND is you :)
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