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When I've had work done through the mail on clarinets, I've had to take the instrument in for adjustments.
Exactly. It's not uncommon at all to test play a saxophone in the shop where it had just been worked on and find out it needed additional adjustment. You cannot do that with mail order servicing. Plus, there's always the possibility of damage in transit and that's why it's never a good idea to ship your horn away for servicing unless:

1) You have absolutely no local alternatives available,
2) You have a prior relationship with the vendor and trust them implicitly; or
3) The horn is in need of specialized work.

All the rest is hype and nonsense.

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I have used them to repad a mark vii with standard pads, an 82z with roo pads, a la sax soprano with roo pads, a mark vi with roo pads, (2) Yamaha YAS-52s with standard pads, a vintage King alto with standard pads and a normandy clarinet. They are awesome. It seems like alot of shops have this 'divaness' attitudes at least here in Melbourne Florida. The guys over at wood wind pro shoppe are patient, humble and go the extra mile when it comes to service. For example, I wasn't sure which direction on resonators to go on some of my horns, they were more than willing to sit and explain everything via phone on differences if there were any. Pads were also another question of mine, so we spoke about pads at LENGTH and chose the best pads to suit the sound and needs I wanted out of my horn. I have played for over 20 years growing up in New York and moving to Florida playing MANY horns, I have no problem sending it to these guys because of the work they do and how they stand by it. They have and will continue to touch every horn I own.
I noticed that there was concern with shipping a horn rather than dealing in person to person. I've never had ANY type of issue when shipping my horn and for any small adjustments that need to be done to the horn should be done to the musician. I'm surprised at the amount of musicians out there who do not know how to do a tweek here or there on their horn. Its like owning a car and not knowing how to check air pressure and refill the tire with air. We as owners should at least know something about tweeking a horn. I'll get down from the soapbox now.
Woodwindproshoppe is a great place to send your horn. They customize the horn to your needs. The repair guy is honest and knows the right questions to ask. I'll be honest, at first I was skeptical because of how reasonable the pricing is. But since then and over 10 horns later, its not too good to be true, they do ridiculously awesome work and stand by it. I highly recommend this shop. Check out the website and see the work you get for the price they are asking. If you're still skeptical, call them. Post after you do, good business deserves good recommendations!

Has anybody used them?
When I've had work done through the mail on clarinets, I've had to take the instrument in for adjustments. Considering that, these prices seem a bit high.
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