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Woodwind Repair Help Wanted - Sam Ash Manhattan

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I posted this on the Delphi "techs only" repair forum already, but haven't heard much back.

I recently lost my co-woodwind tech at Sam Ash in Manhattan, and we are looking for another.

I am very sorry, but I can't accept a raw apprentice for this position.

I am looking for someone that has at least been to repair school or been an apprentice for a few years already at the very least, although it would be nicest to have someone with a good deal of experience doing high-end repair.

This repair shop is GREAT experience. I wouldn't call it a rest-of-your-life type gig, but most of the instruments are top notch, there is never any shortage of work, and we have a pretty complete tool and supply selection- not to mention the location isn't too bad.

For more details, please contact me through email only (no PM) at abadcliche (at) gmail (dot) com.
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This position has been filled.
Just out of interest, how did the successful applicant hear about this position? Delphi, here, or elsewhere?
I had responses from the NAPBIRT website where I posted and ad and also through some repair schools, where I sent an email to all of their directors/career counselors/whatever. The repair schools were especially helpful because they not only referred recent graduates but graduates that were already in the business and were just looking for a new job. We ended up getting a graduate that has already been apprenticing for the past few years through one of the repair schools, I think Renton.

No responses here or Delphi.
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