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Looking For: A woodwind quintet to collaborate with a jazz group for the purpose of creating fun and adventurous music.

I have been a fan of the woodwind quintet for many years. One reason is I like how each instrument in the ensemble -- flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon -- has an individual tone color. Yet, they blend together beautifully as a collective sound. When I began to focus on writing for mid-size jazz ensemble several years ago, I used a woodwind quintet as a role model -- with each instrument having a distinct tone color -- instead of a mid-size group being a smaller version of a big band.

My vision of a woodwind quintet is to use it as a horn section in a mid-size jazz ensemble along with a featured soloist and a rhythm section with bass, drums, and piano and/or guitar. While my scores are written for flexible instrumentation, to enable the music to be played by many combinations of instruments (including saxophones and brass), I hear a woodwind quintet in my mind as I am working on the music.

My article on Mid-Size Ensemble has more about my concepts for this kind of an ensemble. The article also has several recordings as a sample of the music.

If the members of a woodwind quintet would like to explore these ideas, please write to me.
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