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Woodwind Brasswind Double neck Soprano

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I have wanted Soprano for awhile, and am extreamly happy to finally have one.
I recieved my Soprano today from the E-bay seller.
Build Quality: I would say it was decently good. Wasn't Selmer build quality, but was pretty good.
Tone: To be honest it sounds like a decent dieing duck. (But its just me). I had my Private Lesson Teacher play it, and he liked it. Didn't sound like a duck. Very nice full sound, and I can't wait to make it play like that.
Mouthpeice: Is a brand I have never heard of Hermes U.S.A.

Overall I like the horn, but the honeymoon has just started, so I will let you know.
It does have a few leaks, I think that probably happened in shipping. So it is going into my tech this week.

Only down side, is I have to put it down to pratice Alto for auditions.
I will post a more accurate review of the horn after a while.
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If you avoid holding it too close to your body (like a clarinet) it will sound less ducky. The reed needs to be at an angle similar to the alto.
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