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wobble when playing palm keys - solution?

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anyone got any suggestions about a problem I'm having?, or do you experience the same difficulty?

- when playing palm keys, especially high D, the sax wobbles with the consequence that tone production suffers, because the mouthpiece moves.

although it is manageable at lower tempi, when playing faster it is harder to keep under control.

I'm considering reducing spring tension on palm keys so I don't have to push as hard, reducing sideways thrust (sax is a Yani A991).

the other option appears to be extended practice of pressing keys lightly at all tempo.

thanks, fred
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Don't push the palm keys in when you play. Bad technique. Instead, pivot your hand around where the thumb is resting and PULL DOWN the palm keys. The key will catch against your palm and open up just fine. The motion of your hand is like a mini karate chop, and the D key just happens to be in the way and get pulled down by your palm. Once D is open, just use the first and second fingers to open the other palm keys. The horn holds still because there is no lateral pressure against it that isn't countered by its anchor points (the neckstrap and thumbs). In the case of a D, there's no lateral pressure at all, really.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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