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I just won an auction for a Pierret Artist Competition alto being sold by jazzbrass. You can see pics of it from jazzbrasses post. I'll be getting it in about ten days. Suprisingly, there was no competition for it as I was the only bidder. Given stephen howard's review of it, I was a little surprised and happy when I won. To me, there's something fun about having a great horn with some mystique about it when I'm doing gigs and other work. I plan on taking it down to my local repairer and getting it fixed up real nice. I'm going to compare it to my selmer ref kookuburra(i.e.), if I like it better than the ref, I will sell the ref and buy a cheaper back up horn. Otherwise, I will keep it as a backup horn.

Does anyone else have this horn? How do you like it, and do you use it for gigging?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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