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No one? Here's some rough chords which might be somewhere near to the right ones.
Starts off oscillating between two chords. F and Bb I think though I'm not 100% sure. Then something like....
||:F (?) | Bb |F C |Bb |F |Am7 Bb| Eb Dm Db Cm |(1st repeat) Bb |F7 C :||
(2nd repeat) DbM7 |Csus4 || Bbm7 Cm7|Bbm7 |Abm7 Bbm7| Abm7 |Am7 EbM7|Gm7 DbM7||DbM7 |Csus4 |F |Bb |Dm C | Bb ||

Some of the Bbs may be Gm7. Some of the notes seem to indicate a Dm rather than an F. I'm not sure about the bar with 4 chords. It doesn't look right on paper. Any help???
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