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A whole bunch of folks asked to seperate the Selmers into two areas because the Selmer (USA) horns are generally not considered professional horns.

The difference between Selmer (Paris) and Selmer (USA) horns can be pretty confusing, so let me list all of the Selmer (Paris) models:

* SOME horns before s/n 750. Most are produced by Couesnon.
* Modele 22
* Modele 26
* Modele 28
* Super Series (including New Largebore, "Cigar Cutter", Jimmy Dorsey and Radio Improved)
* Balanced Action (BA)
* Super Balanced Action (SBA)
* Mark VI
* Mark VII
* Super 80 Serie (no, there isn't an "s" and spans something like a half-dozen models: Jubilee, Harmonic, Millenium, etc.)
* Reference 36
* Reference 54

Anyhow, if you see a Selmer (Paris) topic posted here accidentially, contact the Moderator or Administrator and we'll move it into the appropriate area.

SOTW members, please be kind to any Selmer newbies that may mispost something.



* The Bundy Special and Bundys marked "made in Germany" were made by Keilwerth.
* The Selmer Pennsylvania Special with additional pearl keytouches on the G# cluster and side keys was also made by Keilwerth and are marked "made in Czechoslovakia". There are some Pennsylvania Specials that appear to have been made by Amati or Karl Meyer.
* The Selmer Pennsylvania was made by Amati or Karl Meyer (depending on serial number).
* Most Selmer Manhattans were made by Martin.
* Some early Bundys were made by Conn. Some were made by Buescher. Most were made by Selmer (USA).
* The Selmer Padless horns were designed by Buescher and mostly produced by them. There are some rumors of Selmer (Paris) Padless horns.
* Horns marked "Selmer NY" were made by Conn.
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