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So I currently own a YAS-62 ii which I bought in November 2012...
The YAS-62 is meant to be a "professional" model, and it is my first saxophone.

I've been browsing through the forums recently and I wanted to give vintage saxophones a go :)
I've done quite a bit of research and watched a bunch of videos on it and people playing it
However, I was wondering if it really is worth buying a vintage sax?
I play both jazz and classical (mainly classical, but I'm leading Big Band next year)

I'd like to buy a vintage sax (I was looking into Buescher TT 260,XXX from 1931 at $300 still needs full overhaul)
but what would be the pros and cons of buying one? Like I'm at an intermediate level where I feel I'm not going anywhere with my sax skills...
Buying a new sax would be a new encouragement, but why should I?

+ Also would the saxophone below be a good deal (steal)??
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