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Why is This Not Working Anymore?

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I recently got interested in expanding my saxophone range my learning altissimo. On my Monique alto, I was able to hit a high G, supposedly one of the hardest altissimo notes quite easily with practice using the very top key on the left hand and right hand with the first finger. I recently purchased a Yanagisawa A902 and I can't do this anymore. Is there an alternate fingering that works better for these saxes? Is there anything I can do? I have not changed anything to my set up for alto. I still use the same 3 Vandoren reed and mouthpiece.
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It's been my experience that when you switch horns, you may (or may not) need to switch altissimo fingerings. I don't think I've ever used the forked F on alto at all.

For an altissimo G on alto, I usually do octave key, 1 and 3 (left hand), 1 and 3 (right hand) and side Bb key. For altissimo G#, I move the side Bb key up to the side C key.
First of all, how much do you know about altissimo? Have you worked with overblowing the palm keys, yet? If you're just trying fingerings and going for a G, you're probably creating problems for yourself down the road. If you're using the wrong mechanisms now to hit the G, you're working on bad habits. I suggest, if you aren't already, to work with a teacher. Also, you should learn to overblow the palm keys before coming back to the G.

But, yes, some horns prefer different altissimo fingerings. If you already know altissimo and are just having problems with your G, there are several options:
1) edhara's fingering
2) LH 1,3, RH 4, side Bb
3) Front F, RH 4, side Bb
4) LH 1, RH 4, side Bb, High F# (if you have high F# key)

Also, are you certain you were actually getting a G in the first place? Did you compare it to your lower G? The fingering you said (assuming you meant Front F with RH 4) doesn't sound like it would produce a G. I don't have my horn in front of me, so I could be wrong. Anyway, good luck!
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I suspect that your "front F" touch lever opens the actual f palm key more on your Yani than it did on your Monique....just a hunch.
try!! different saxes have different tone qualities and values in thier makeup, so experiment with each on your sax for the best and easiest results!!

all the best

matty said:
I suspect that your "front F" touch lever opens the actual f palm key more on your Yani than it did on your Monique....just a hunch.
Yeup. I've used the same fingerings for altissimo ever since I started learning. No problems unless the horn is out of regulation. Take both horns (if you still have your old one) to a qualified repair tech and let them know whats happening. A couple days with the tech and you should be good to go.
gearaholic said:
2) LH 1,3, RH 4, side Bb
This is what I use for alto. Always works.
Agent27 said:
This is what I use for alto. Always works.
Same here. :) Never played a horn it hasn't worked on.
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