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Why do I get a spitty, almost airy sound when I tongue ?

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My set -up is a Yanagisawa AWO2 unlacquered alto , Johannes Gerber NY Bros #6 HR mpc , Marc Jean 1st edition ligature and Alexander Superial #2 reeds . My issue is when I tongue notes , they always sound spitty . I've tried different brands of reeds , all within the same 2/2.5 range and it's always the same . When I practice my scales legato , I have zero issues . When I try working on my staccato , I get a spitty , almost airy sound . Can anyone suggest a cure/fix ?
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It's probably your tonguing. I'm working on staccato and have similar issues.
If the tongue hits or slaps the reed and stops the vibration too long the airstream/reed take time to start again thus distorting the tone, at least that's what it feels like to me.
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