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"Why" by Jelly Roll Morton

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On one of Ken Prplowski's duo albums withward Alden they do a beautiful tune called Why by Jelly Roll Morton. I can't find it anywhere....can anyone help me out?
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Frank: Jelly recorded this himself - check it it out at iTunes . . . Jelly Roll Morton's Last Sessions. No real reason to listen to some else do it when the guy who wrote recorded it - AND anyone can get it (not to knock someone's VERSION of it). Get it from the horse's mouth. I have it (and another version by the Aces of Syncopation) on my iPod. DAVE
I just dug out my CD . . . Jelly Roll Morton LAST SESSIONS The Complete General Recordings, Commodore; a compilation issued by GRP Records, NY.

I'd forgotten how good this material is . . . no saxophone, but Jelly himself singing a bunch of his stuff and his piano playing, some with a back-up band, from around 1940. If you buy this CD (I suspect Amazon has it, but I haven't verified it) check out MAMIE'S BLUES (aka 2:19 BLUES). Great stuff, alright. DAVE
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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