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Why arent there "true" custom saxophones?

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Pardon my obsession with the instruments themselves. I spent sometime learningto build guitars, so, i also am interested in the saxophone from a luthier's or a custom horn-maker's perspective.
Now, if you look at brass instrument, the trumpet,for example, you have the big manufacturers Like Bach, Getzen, Yamaha etc. But, there are a large number of custom trumpet makers, who build horns from scratch,and they seem to be quite successful, some selling custom built horns that cost upwards of $6000.00 apiece. Similarly with French Horns,tubas and euphoniums, clarinets, flutes etc.

Heck, there are even "custom-made' piccolos and even "Custom-made" triangles!!!:)

Anyone have any ideas as to why there isnt much by the way of fully "custom" saxophones made by independent sax makers?

Just wondering.................:) :)
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Reedsplinter said:
Surely Jim Schmidt qualifies as a "custom" sax maker, don't you think? His instruments are completely unique. And unavailable to you and me!
Somebody has to to try I suppose.
Interesting and clever, and maybe even better as he claims, but what a nut.
As long as he knows it's a hobby fine, but if he seriously thinks for more than a minute that his design will overcome decades of momentum get traction he's certainly a nut. Figures that he lives in California.
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