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who play mp peter ponzol SUPER H.R baritone?

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who play peter ponzol mouthpice model SUPER
110 hard rubber?
it a powerfull mouthpice?
i am looking 5 years a mouthpice peter ponzol super
can you send me a pic
tank you
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Dr_sax said:
Funny thing. As subjective as is can get with mouthpieces....
Yeah! The thing is, both of you are right in your own little worlds. One guy could try a nice brand X against a poor example of brand Y, and the other guy vice versa. Or, you could try the same two pieces and just have different embouchures or goals. If you surf long enough you can see some patterns of opinions emerge. But you still have to try them yourself and make your own conclusions.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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