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who play mp peter ponzol SUPER H.R baritone?

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who play peter ponzol mouthpice model SUPER
110 hard rubber?
it a powerfull mouthpice?
i am looking 5 years a mouthpice peter ponzol super
can you send me a pic
tank you
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The ponzol website doesn´t list any HR bari mouthpieces anymore. Anyone know if he stopped making the ponzol custom for bari?
Funny thing. As subjective as is can get with mouthpieces. I always feel beechlers are much more resistent than the ponzol custom I have.
The new ponzol custom I have is a high baffle typ. Soundwise very close to a lamberson sb7. Good for funk & soul but also can play soft. Not as full on the low side as the lambo. But also very easy playing. I´m preparing some soundfiles with all of my bari mpcs for comparison soon.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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