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who makes a good soprano case

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I use the Winter hard shell contoured case for my SX90 tenor. I can throw it over my shoulder and have 2 free hands. One for my gig bag (contains music,flute,clar) and one for my mic stand. Does anyone know of a good hard shell case for soprano that can be used over the shoulder?
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I don't own one, but I heard very good things about the BAM trekking sop case.
The BAM case is to my recollection a soft shell case, but waterproof material. It is also quite large. Protec make a more compact and affordable soft shell case (about 30% of the BAM price). They also make a soft shell compact case for curvie sops. Most of the hard shell sop cases that are good are very expensive and also seem to be larger than necessary, though there are some cheap ones around - I wouldn't put my horns in them.

If you have a straight sop, you might also want to check out the Walt Johnson hard case (single neck sops only)
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