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That particular Beaugnier Vito was produced from somewhere in the mid 60's into at least the early 70's. My first sax was one of these purchased n 1966, I don't really recall any of this design that were older. I know they were at least being sold in 1972 when I dropped out of music for a time. I had traded my alto to someone for a Martian Imperial tenor at some point but always regretted it and picked up one off ebay a year or so ago.

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Thanks. BTW, I assume it is pronounced something like Buenier (with a French accent)? Or not? Do you (or anyone) know?

That horn's parts were made in France by Beaugnier and assembled in Kenosha by Vito in the 60's BTW the body tube is bent foreward at the top of the horn.
Thanks for the info. Yes, I noticed that too, it definitely looks bent in the photo. I noticed it after looking at the photo but not before. So I rechecked the sax and it's not. Something about the photo I guess.

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Bo-nier (the g/n sound is difficult to transliterate ) but this is close.

Some of these were completely French made others were assembled in the States Doctors sax speak about this extensively on his site.

Noblet horns sold in the Netherlands are virtually the same.
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