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Who likes the blues?

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I want to play the blues a lot but need some help with titles! On BIAB, there are some blues tunes many by W C Handy - scored for guitar - that I can play the tune over the top of - soprano works best and it comes off sounding like Branford's playing on his high concept album I Heard You Twice The First Time (which I like a lot). I could page through all the fake books but unless it says 'blues' in the title, I may not know if it is a true blues or not!
I do ! I just wish i could hear it....who is that on chromatic blues harp. Sounds like William Clark or perhaps Rod Piazza?
Nobody likes the blues; you have to feel and love the blues so you're wrapped with the blues. You can't shake them off, because they're shaking your soul.

If you like the blues, you can't truly play the blues.

Go catch your favorite with your most trusted. Go lose your most prized. Wake up with less than you needed.

Now try to play the blues.
Hey Marty, I always had you down as a cheerful guy but you do seem to have " know" the blues besides playing it.... :)
coolsax2k7 said:
good stuff, raw, but good, anyway coolsax , you are doing well, keep on doing it:!:
The Blues Sucks...

I went to my first gig tonight. It was a blues gig downtown LA near where I live. I was trippin' balls on getting there. I had no idea where I was going. Ended up in a bad neighborhood, drinking beers with some crazy cats that uhh, well you get the idea.


I'll just be a jazz musician, it's easier. Or something. Because I don't plan to return, even though it was an awesome first gig. totally wild, spontaneous, but I dunno...
coolsax2k7 said:
I was trippin' balls on getting there.
Ya Baby!:D

(I think?)
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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