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Ebay number 380383507109 (instrument is in France).

Might be interesting to know if this came before or after low A Selmer altos ...
But have a look at this:

Both amg's link and my link are of a sax in Strasbourg

The Ebay auction in the OP is currently at less than 1000 euros.
The Ebay action above seems to have a price of 2500 euros.

Looking at the pictures, they are of very different quality, but they look like the same sax and case. Comparing the cases, there is a circular mark in the material just up from the left handle post, and identical white areas near both hinges.

The saxes look identical, with the same plate wear on the bell pictures and engravings look identical, and scuff marks on each instrument.

So is there something about French Ebay I don't know? Are these 2 auctions of the same horn, or a legit way works with a buy it now price as well as an auction (but why different photos) or are my eyes seeing things that are not actually there?

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Not unless mine are as well. The chances of two identical saxes of such rarity coming from the same town?!! Ummm....yeah. Methinks there are two auctions going on at the same time for the same item! Why the price difference.... who can say? If I was in France, I would buy it from the American Ebay site and show up in person to pick it up! As I am not, oh well...

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If anyone here is the winner of that auction, please post a review of the horn.
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