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Who have any new information about Wolf Codera?

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Who have any new information about Wolf Codera (he constructed B&S Codera model :salute:)?

Several years ago he going to make new models - Tresonance and Vintedge. I can assume that the sharks :kermit: of capitalism crushed talented designer (it is not communist propaganda! :albino: )
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Alex, I too have wondered what happened to the Tresonance. I was looking forward to trying one. I bought a Codera tenor for one of my students and it was phenomenal.
He recently popped up on a german saxforum. For those who can read german see here

He seems to playing more sax than constructing saxes and he´s involved in this project. WARNING! This is scarry :shock: ;)
Sanfte engel!

I swear, I was sure they were going to launch into Fernando or Dancin' Queen any moment!

Give 'em some paisley and white go-go boots!

Is Wolf really involved with this? Wow.....:shock:
Hi Randall :hello2:,
earlier I had small correspondence with Wolf Codera (but he stop communications, when I said him, that I was an officer in soviet troops near Berlin; the half of Germans respected a Soviet Army, a half it is seems hated).

I waited when will be possible to purchase new Codera models and did not buy the first (B&S Codera). But to my regret new models failed to appear and the first model was sold (WW&BW). And I did not purchase such tenor.:(
Alex, you missed a really good deal on the Codera horns at WW&BW.
Now that B&S isn't making saxes anymore, I doubt he will make a new model, unless he buys the horns from Taiwan.
I'm back

Hi everybody!

Having changed my email address i am able to receive emails again. My health is getting better and better and i am looking forward to re-entering the saxophone business. As a player i am more and more successful and you'll receive info about my plans soon.

Warmest regards

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