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I must say that years ago I did a lot of MPC-Ex. After I could play a range of an octave and a third or so I stopped, as I considered it as: Once you can do it, it is ok.
Then I had the idea to take my alto MPC with me on my Easter Holidays in Slovenia.
I played about 20 minutes every day, scales, intervals (I use Karajan on my Iphone, a very good Ear Training program) and tried to match.
I did decrescendos and crescendos, major and minor chords and so on.
And: I must say that my tone has improved, and I don't have the feeling of having been so long away from my saxes, if you know what I mean. Embouchure and so on :mrgreen:
So: Who does this crazy stuff daily?
I do about 10-15 mins at the beginning of all my practices. In part, it's an easy way to gradually break in new reeds.

I'd love to hear that octave plus a third! Can you do that on a tenor mouthpiece--can you do it without biting?
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