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a very radical and expensive " solution" for your problem.

The " noise" reduction will be declared from the maker , but even the best of isolating chamber will always have some residual noise outside which may fall under the category of volume at " TV on level" or " conversation level".

Whether this qualifies as acceptable for you and your mother ( and the rest of the people in the condominium) is something that you will have to see.

3Db reduction means half the quantity of sound .

Any ventilation means that some air will escape and air in motion carries sound, you can't lock any air intake because you will not survive long in there otherwise. Any communication by contact with the floor will also transport some sound. Maybe very little but it will be there. The people living directly under the chamber will experience some noise. Of course you may have this mounted on wheels.

Also, playing at full volume (whatever that means) may not be very good for you, I have tinnitus I know what I am talking about, you can of course use ear protection, which will make you play even louder.

Even a Whisper room is designed to block more the sound from outside getting in rather than to block a full blast of sound going out

The secret is always to play softer, even when acquiring any sound reduction device .

Play softer comes with experience you will not need to bite anywhere to play softer when you learn to do that.

Anyway, do consider a portable mute.

They work.

Provided that you will use the headset that is ( inside most have a microphone) which allows you to mix music and to HEAR yourself when playinng , rather more softly that full volume, from inside the device.

The reason why most people are not happy with these is that they want to use this in the wrong way, which is without playing softly, and without the headset, so you play even louder that you need to, to hear yourself through the mute, the noise which will be cut will be mostly in the low frequencies but the high will be perceived by anyone else in the house (maybe not in the next apartment) .

Other problems are build up of moisture and the weight ( I have had one and it seriously gave me problems that's why they invented a stand for this thing).

Anyway, you can rest some space in a place of business after closing hours and nobody will be bothered, but if you expect to play, in the middle of the night and your mother not to hear you or the other people I would not be so sure.

On a different note, I have never heard the expression " common law" used to describe a partner ( which I understand from the context)

There are lots of videos but they don't show the situation where you will be using this

The company uses a ridiculous demo where one plays an acoustic guitar and they show the noise reduction, yes, impressive, except that if the guitar had been electric or a saxophone, with the door shut you will still hear the noise and pretty loud too

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