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I don't have the time or inclination to read every word posted on SOTW and monitor a few regularly:

Misc. Saxophone Discussion
Electronic Equipment
Bb Tenor
The Band
Working Sax Pros
Tenor Mouthpiece
Brand Name Players
Recordings, Movies and Videos
Jazz & Improvisation
Rock and Roll Saxophone

How about you? Might also be interesting to include your general age and level of playing. I'm an adult with a day gig, and play restaurants, weddings and other commercial gigs on weekends.

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I read new posts... if I find an "interesting" ebay thing or find a horn at one of the few local shops, I'll do a bit more searching and research. I also keep track of some of the threads I post to (just in case I missed something while refreshing for a new posts).

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I read a whole heck of a lot more threads than I would if I weren't an Admin, let me tell you. :(

Like most everyone else, I head for the New Posts first, that is after reading Reported posts, or those that might suspiciously soon become one. ;)
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