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So awhile ago I picked up an early Transitional Conn Alto (exactly like a Chu except with the sculpted E key). I picked it up for a reasonable price because half the keys were off the instrument and many rods and screws are missing. I can replace those.

However, now comes the question I want to throw out to the SOTW community....

Which pads should I use to make the horn the most desirable to potential customers?

I am going to simplify the choosing process.

Lets pretend I have 4 Conn Chu Altos with consecutive serial numbers. They are identical in EVERY way except for the pads used.

One has Basic Leather with Plastic Domed resos, the next has Conn Reso pads. The next one has White Roo Pads with Seamless Metal Domed resos - and the last has Black Saxgourmet Pads with Metal Seamless Domed resos.

Which saxophone would your gut say - "I like!!" - maybe even before you play it.

Are there many people out there that LOOK for Roo or Saxgourmet pads on a vintage horn when they are shopping? Are there many people out there who value originality in using the conn reso pads? Or do the bulk of you not care and would be just as happy with a good basic standard type pad?

(note that I am not asking for any opinions as to WHY you like one more than the other)

I guess you could say that I am testing the waters as to which pads I should use in my upcoming resale project. I am really torn which pad to use - especially if it isn't for myself.

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