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Which one to pick?

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I must face a descision today, and I need some help.
I can get a Vito VSP alto sax. Or an Early Conn 12M Bari Sax. Which one would you pick?
I play mostly Tenor, And play alot of Alto for church gigs. Right now I am planning on atleast pertacapating in College Band. Possable a Minor in Ed or performance. The only plus side to the Alto is that it is about half the cost. So which one would you pick? And why? Thanks for the help.
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Go for the bari. You've already got two altos.
To buy the Bari I must sell one of my Alto's.

What happened to the picture hakukani?
The drummer owns the car. I quit the band Saturday because the drummer was being an ***hole. Every time I see the car, I think of the drummer. I had to change my avatar. It's still me in the pic.

update: Drummer called and apologized. I'm back in the band. Avatar restored.
Ohh. Sorry about that, I hope you find a new band to Jam with.

I was just thinking about something. If I got the Bari My sig. would read.
Alto: YAS-23
Tenor: Super Action 80 Serie II
Bari: Conn 12M

That would be a killer horn section properly set up. :)
No worries.
I still play lead alto in a little big band. (three saxes, three bones, three trumpets).
I'd go for the bari to cover the spectrum alto-tenor-bari. What a nice range of horns that would be!
The tally stands now at
2 vost Bari, 0 votes BSP alto
Lol it doesn't make as much sense to buy another alto (3 then a bari.
go for the bari -- and if you get it in top condition it will be worth much more than the vito
sod9728 said:
Lol it doesn't make as much sense to buy another alto (3 then a bari.
I am selling an Alto, my Old Martin. Or atleast I have to, to buy the horn. If anyone is intersted. I am droping the price down to $450 for the Martin. Heck, I will even include shipping to the lower 48 states.
Just for curiousity, why are you selling the Martin?
But why not the 23? That's what I'm asking :p
I don't own the 23, my parents do. Becuase they bought it, so techanically they own it. Also their is a problem with the Martin, down in the lower register the reason why I am selling. If I can't sell it here, I will put it up on e-bay and sell it there.
The horn could be a great horn, but with a year before I go to college I would rather not risk it.
Get the Bari. It is a special horn and are hard to find whereas the Vito is pretty common.
Another vote for the bari. It always seems easier to get work as a bari player, too....
Go for the Bari, it will become your favourite! If I had to keep only one sax then it would be my Conn tranny Baritone even over my Bass sax, but only just.
Bari wins hands down too. Amazing, I have never seen a question like this go with out controversy. I sent the guy an e-mail asking if he still had it. If he can wait till the 15th to sell it. Then I will probably get it. Now it is time for the waiting. :(
I need alittle help. I don't listen to much music that has Bari in it. I mean I listen to Trane, Parker, and Cannonball. But for Jazz I really haven't heard of many Bari players. And since I am almost certian I am getting the Conn 12M. What saxophone players or groups would you suggest to listen to get a since of a good bari sound? Something you know to try and immulate. I have a Tower of Power CD, which I know has a killer Bari player. What other Bari players would you recomend?

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