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Which new neck on my YAS 23

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Hi ,

I just tried yesterday evening a YAS 62 neck (not new G1 62II neck) on my YAS 23 and really loved the new sound (more dark) I could get with it and the altissimo was easier.

But it is nearly impossible to buy an old 62 neck now.

So now i would like to buy a new neck for my old 23 that I don't want to change. could you tell me me what are the difference between the hydroformed G1, the custom G1 and the custom M1. all those three neck can be fitted on my 23?

i contacted my shops but cannot have yamaha neck :( only the YAS 275
the only alto yamaha necks I could find easy to buy are here :
but I am not sure they can be put on my YAS 23

thank you for your help
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