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Which mpc do you play on your truetone alto?

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I play the buescher original alto mouthpiece. What do you play?
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Selmer Super Session F, Selmer Soloist F, Meyer 6S-M, Meyer 7M-S, Beechler Diamond Inlay S6S, Morgan-Bilger 6 . . . just about anything I want to use that plays on all of my altos. DAVE
My son, Max, used a Couf 4* S as his go to mpc though it squeaked occasionally and made certain notes difficult to play. He now plays a Couf artist 2 refaced by EZ with a .075 opening, and he hasn't had any squeaks or difficulty playing any notes.

I'm giving him a NOS Tone Edge refaced and opened by EZ to .090 with a softer reed tomorrow and see how that works out.
I have three mouthpieces, all hard rubber. The best for the TT - for me - is the Barone Jazz. I keep the Morgan for my Martin and the Ebolin in reserve.

Why the Barone? The two saxes have different diamater corks, so I have been forced to make a choice.The mellow sound of the Barone seems to go with the sax and works well for quartet and concert band. Other posters may (just possibly ;) ) differ.
I don't play alto so much, but when i do I use a metal Selmer Jazz C*. It works ok for me and I haven't had the time to look for a new one..
If an Aristocrat serie one is considered as a True Tone, I play a Morgan 5L with vando ZZ3 on it.
My true tone played perfectly in tune with the stock Buescher mouthpiece. I also enjoyed playing it with an old Selmer C* airflow (with the metal band) from the 30's. Definitely, not a modern sound with either of these pieces though.
I have an old, worn French mouthpiece with a metal band and a squared off window like a clarinet piece that plays similar to the stock Buescher with less stuffiness and resistance.
I usually use a Morgan 3C on True Tones and Aristocrats.
selmer c* solost -a perfect match
Another nod to the Selmer Soloist. I use a C** in particular with a java reed. It really brings the piece to life! Not too bright, but not too dark either! Great combination for the True Tones!
RPC 90V (now the 90R)
Berg Larsen 85 2/M bullet chamber with Hahn reeds.
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