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I was forced to make the same choice as you a while ago.
I ended up choosing the bassoon because I enjoyed the tone more, but now I play both bassoon and oboe, and I have to say, for a doubler, even though the fingering and clef are different (not neccesarily difficult, just different), the bassoon is by far the easier instrument to play. Oboe required huge amounts of pressure, if it's not your main instrument, you're not really going to build up the chops for it for quite a while. Bassoon, however, is easy to blow and support, and to sound good on. The instruments at your disposal are a factor too. If the selmer bundy oboe is rubbish and the bassoon is good, you'll have less difficulty and frustration with it. Don't be put off by the supposed cost of bassoons. With the internet nowadays, it's not hard to get a playable instrument for around $300. Also, there's less bassoonists round, so more gig opporunities, I would say bassoon if you're just doubling.
hope that helps
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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