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zxcvbnm said:
Today, I had a lesson where I was given the opportunity to try out bassoon and oboe and learn one. Since I couldn't decide, I took both of them home (a nice student fox bassoon and a crappy selmer bundy oboe). ***
The Fox is a much nicer horn - but it sounds like you already know that ;)

I play bassoon, contra, oboe, EH, and heckelphone (plus the sarrusophones): of all of these, the bassoon got the most use historically. I found that bassoon and contra reeds required the least attention, whereas oboe reeds seem to require endless fiddling and adjustment. It also seems to take less time (on a weekly basis) to maintain bassoon chops vs. oboe chops. If you are at all short on time,
I think you will find that it is easier to progress (and maintain your level of playing) on the bassoon than on the oboe.

Bassoon is certainly heavier, but no worse than a bari ;) Depending on the case, it can be lighter than a tenor.

On the other hand, the oboe usually gets more solos. Can be good or bad, depending on how much time you have to practice...


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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