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You will probably get a lot of very useful advice from SOTW posters. I don't currently play double reeds, but I studied them in college. I enjoyed both the oboe and bassoon. Ultimately, I decided 2 reeds were one too many, so I stuck with clarinet, sax & flute.
You have good observations about the comparisons of the two instruments. Here are some others: oboe tends to be really reed dependent, bassoon a little less so. The cost of a good bassoon will probably be much higher than a good oboe. For pit orchestra doubling situations, the oboe part tends to be very soloistic, with lots of exposed passages - appropriate for an extroverted personality. The oboe part is often put on a tenor sax book, with possibly some clarinet (probably not flute). The bassoon part tends to be less soloistic, and it is usually put on a part with bari sax and bass clarinet - not exactly easily portable instruments.
The drawbacks that you have listed can be overcome as part of the learning experience. Both instruments can be very rewarding, and good players with these doubles are in high demand.
Good luck - either choice is the right one.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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