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Which Guardala is this.

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Just trying to figure which guardala I have. Started looking at other pieces as I want more core to my sound. The one on the right is my guardala compared to my buddies studio gold.

Mine has a rolled over baffle.
The blank that it was made from is a little shorter and fatter the my buddies studio.
Bite plate goes from side to side with no gold on the edges.

Has FL on bottom of shank.

Says STG 667 on side of shank, (studio traditional gold? or Studio Tenor gold?)

Says DG with a 7 through the D on the top of the shank.

Always wonder what it was as I got it off of ebay.



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That what I was thinking but the rolled over baffle threw me as did the fl engraving. Maybe this was made before his name got popular.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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