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Which case do you use on a Zephyr?

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I just got a new Zephyr Special that came in a well beaten Hiscox that needs replacing. I’ve mainly been looking at BAM cases and had my eye on the Hightech but according to an old thread on here it doesn’t fit which seems odd. I use a BAM trekking with my S20 that the Zephyr sits in pretty comfortably and I will go for another of these if there’s nothing better but I would prefer something different.

This question doesn’t usually seem to generate many responses but there must be quite a few of you out there so please tell me what you use. Availability is a problem even in London but you never know.
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I’ll take a look at the Protec when I get to the shop, they seem to have them in their limited range. I like the flat bottom cases, or at least the Trekking, because I can get everything I need in it. I was interested in the Hightech until I found too many reports, here and on Amazon, about the latches. I’m surprised at this given it’s meant to be sturdy. I have always had confidence in the Hiscox latches, even though one likes to flip open when I put it on my shoulder there are still three other industrial strength ones, and I was unsure about the zipper on the Trecking until I learned to love it. The problems with the Hiscox as far as I’m concerned are first, I want a backpack and second, the inside divider likes to collapse. It also puts my shoulder and neck out. There’s also the Selmer which may fit but I wonder how strong it is.
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