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Which Cannonball did we buy? Is it a good one?

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We just bought a Cannonball Alto Sax online. It has the follow specs:

Engraving says 1998 Salt Lake City
Serial # 102458
Black laquer finish with silver keys.

Someone sold it on consignment. We're expecting to service it before my daughter takes it to high school. She's moving up from an Antigua Winds, which she says is a horrible sax.

Did we buy a good horn? Is there anything special we need to know about this horn? Which one did we buy?

Thanks for any information you can give us.
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More like a lateral move than an upgrade.
Yes, incredibly so. Many feel the II altos are the best of the modern offerings (me included), and the fact that Selmer is actively marketing the newer III's and Reference horns at the same time, can make them bargains. Don't let your daughter use it for marching band however. Save the Antigua for that.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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