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Which Buescher Aristocrat to buy? Help!

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Hi everyone!

I'm quit new to the forums. Im currently on my quest to go back to playing and saw several good Alto options on ebay. Hope you could help me decide which Beuscher seems best ?





Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Im on a tight budget so Im okay with this current price range.

Thank you!

- Nate
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Saksha is 'right'...from a purely 'sax' perspective. But, as I observe it, you @Nathanates...are looking for a horn in the budget range of $200-ish ?

So the era of Aristocrat Saksha suggests is going to be way out of your price range.

1) Are you in the US ?

2) Why did you choose to focus on Buescher ?

A few more observations....

An alto in good playing condition for $ not a realistic budget. You will note if you read the eBay descriptions carefully...NONE of those saxes is guaranteed to be in good playing shape. Matter of fact, 2 auctions clearly note the horns need work.

Unless buying from a known dealer in musical instruments, complete with guarantees of playability, you must assume any horn purchased on ebay will need a complete overhaul.
So you buy a $185 horn (shipped), then take it to a repair tech to get it 'adjusted'...and the tech comes back with a price bewteen, ohhhh...$125 (if you are super, duper, duper lucky) $700 (quite possible, some would argue probable). Not much of a 'deal'.

a) IF your budget is $200 or need to up it at least to $275-300 to get something which you are not gonna have to invest MORE $ into fixing.

b) IF you can budget $275-325, feel free to contact me via the website in my signature (below)...because I have a few (not to be a shark here, I am not answering this thread for my own benefit, but I do have a decent rep in the budget horn dept). There are 4 or 5 common models (used) which are good quality and reputed and can be had in playing condition for that sorta dollar.

c) alternately, you can look locally (Craigslist), althoigh depending on where you live, 'locally' may mean "within 100 miles"...because some communities have very active Craigslist musical instrument postings, others do not. (Unfortunately due to your newbie Forum status, the Marketplace is not yet available to you here).

d) IF you insist on eBay (which is a dicey proposition for almost anybody, even a seasoned player)...make SURE you get the seller to state unequivocally that the horn is in GOOD playing shape and will need no servicing. Because if they will NOT, then you KNOW you are gonna have to put some significant $ into it upon receipt.

But if you can start by answering the 2 Q's above, that'd be helpful to respondents here.

NOW...IF I have misinterpreted your situation, and you have, say...$800+ to spend and you are looking for an Aristocrat because that IS what you wanna buy....then that's another story, and Saksha's advice applies again. You wanna look for the ones within a certain serial # range, before Selmer bought out Buescher, certainly. Even a bit before that date, actually...
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Thanks for the feedback, I understand that the budget is quite tight although I can consider pushing up to sub $500 range. Im from Manila and 2nd hand choices here are quite few and far between. Do you know of any other online sites that do international shipping for vintage saxes? Aside from ebay.

Im open to other suggestions as im coming from an old china sax, so any upgrade would be considerable. Any other options aside from the usual YAS 23?

I currently have a 60s King Zephyr for tenor, thinking of exploring alto.

Thank you!
Hi, again Some US sellers ship internationally, particularly online horn shops. I ship anywhere, myself. Some might only ship to certain parts of the varies.

Individuals selling a horn ? Less so. Americans tend to have a thing about shipping outside the US, some of it with good reason, some of it not so much.

$500 is a better budget (keep in mind if in Manila this means the actual available price for the horn would be $400 when shipping is taken into account).

So $400 starts giving you a bit more flexibility (but only a adds maybe another 3 good, appropriate used models). And yes there are other options besides the Yama 21/23....especially if you already play and enjoy your 60's Zeph Tenor.
Unfortunately, it doesn't get you a good Zeph Alto, which would be around $750+....but you already know that, probably :bluewink:

It basically nixes the 'good' Aristocrats as well, but again you already have learned this. But there are some good vintage and modern horns which can be had for that.
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