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Which Buescher Aristocrat to buy? Help!

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Hi everyone!

I'm quit new to the forums. Im currently on my quest to go back to playing and saw several good Alto options on ebay. Hope you could help me decide which Beuscher seems best ?





Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Im on a tight budget so Im okay with this current price range.

Thank you!

- Nate
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Thanks for the feedback, I understand that the budget is quite tight although I can consider pushing up to sub $500 range. Im from Manila and 2nd hand choices here are quite few and far between. Do you know of any other online sites that do international shipping for vintage saxes? Aside from ebay.

Im open to other suggestions as im coming from an old china sax, so any upgrade would be considerable. Any other options aside from the usual YAS 23?

I currently have a 60s King Zephyr for tenor, thinking of exploring alto.

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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