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Which alto for R&B ?

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Need a new alto, can buy a used A990 for a good price, or grab one of those Kessler deals - A901 for 2 grand, A991 for $500 more. Then there is the bronze A992. Which model is more expressive for contemporary music?
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Sorry, should have clarified the question. I separate saxophone playing into two groups: classical and not-classical. Not-classical can be called R&B, contemporary, or any other term that is not-classical. Pete, not-classical sax is all the same to me. I posted this stupid question in the Yanagisawa forum because I already own a clunky, old vintage horn and have decided to get a shiny, new/nearly new Yanagisawa since I can't buy a shiny, new/nearly new Selmer/Yamaha/Keilwerth for as good a price.
Thanks, just sent payment for the 990 (yeah, I know - has probably lost some of its original luster), hope my old Lakeys work on it.
Received the 990 today - a sultry and snarly screamin' bitch. Perfect!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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