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Which alto for R&B ?

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Need a new alto, can buy a used A990 for a good price, or grab one of those Kessler deals - A901 for 2 grand, A991 for $500 more. Then there is the bronze A992. Which model is more expressive for contemporary music?
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I don't think there is much that separates the Yanagisawa models you named except for the marketing pap that all sellers/manufacturers/distributors get into . . . like the double-arm keywork on the lower notes, the bronze vs. brass stuff, etc. If I was to buy a new Yanagisawa alto, I'd probably go for the A901. I played one example at NAMM a few years ago and was impressed by it. I've owned an A880 (now with my grandson at the Air Force Academy) and an A992 which I eventually traded away. They were both excellent altos.

Play whatever you want to play with the Yanagisawa - it will work anywhere. The player and the mouthpiece set-up are more important, once you get past the natural requirement that a saxophone plays in tune. DAVE
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