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Which alto for R&B ?

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Need a new alto, can buy a used A990 for a good price, or grab one of those Kessler deals - A901 for 2 grand, A991 for $500 more. Then there is the bronze A992. Which model is more expressive for contemporary music?
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They all are! They also all play classical very well too :) . The mouthpiece makes the biggest difference. A friend of mine has a 991 made in 1993 (he bought new then), that depending on which mouthpiece he puts on, can be so bright it'll "peel paint", or so dark, you'd swear it was a Buescher True tone!
This is a stupid question......
Yes, but we posted didn't we? Gotta get the post counts up! :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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