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Where to buy Bay ligs

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Love the way they look, but can't find anyone in the US who carries them. Plus, I've never seen anyone carry the other two models besides the Baroque. Only US companies please...I don't feel like dealing with currency exchange or overseas shipping.

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Weiner music used to stock them. I bought one from them about six months ago.
The last time I looked had several Bay clarinet and tenor sax ligatures (gold). If they are not included on Junk Dude's newly formated web site try sending him an email about the Bay ligs.
What about the funky models?

Thanks for the input!!! Anybody know about the funky models? He has the Gothic, the Vintage and a Pagoda and Dragon design model. Maybe he sells direct?

Thanks again!

Perhaps you should just call or email him....

WWBW does have them, but you have to search them, apparently they won't come up on a normal listing. Weiner DOES have the Gothic model, and that's about it for now. I found Charles Bay's site and e-mailed but haven't heard back yet. Will let everyone know when I hear something.
I wish I could remember where I bought mine...I got an alto, the traditional style. Not only do they look good, but I love the feel to them. They seem to make every note more freeblowing. I've heard from many respected classical players that they prefer the gold plated version, which is what I play. I haven't played the other versions, so I can't speak for myself.

They do break easily, so be careful with em. Very thin metal
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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