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Without going into discussions about sound properties of nickel,
I wanted to know if most nickel saxes, are actually brass saxes plated or lacquered with nickel paint or something, or if they are made out of solid nickel?

Is it a metal called Nickel, or are most saxes with nickel plated body actually plated with Nickel-silver?

Second, nickel does it decolor over time? and does it require more cleaning than a silver or gold plated sax?

What about corrosion, weight, strength compared to silver or gold?
(just in case it's lighter and stronger, it might be an interesting material, just for weight's sake)

And why are some nickel saxes more expensive than gold or silver plated saxes?

if I look up the properties of nickel, I get a metal silver looking alloy. But most saxes depicted made of this material are either very dark, or black colored.
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