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Where do I shop for reeds in Paris

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Will be in Paris for one day next week. I'm looking for a good place to find synthetic reeds for soprano saxophone: good selection, good price.

If you know, please give me the name and address.

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There are a lot of music shops in Rue de Rome. ( I think thats how they spell hit). Includes Musique et Art and Menetrier.
that place has moved! I think one of the cheapest places is woodwind brasswind it is located near metro station port de pantin or quintette music near la bastille.
I personnaly buy everything at Woodbrass shop near la villette parc. Here is the website where u can check the availability of what you're searching for...
In that shop there is also a specialist in saxophone reparing (Nicolas Flamigni) and this man is doing a great job...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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