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Where can I find alto saxophone chords?

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Does anyone know of a website that has saxophone scales / melodic scales and sax chords so that I can practice along with so that I can improve my improvisation skills on sax?
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Check out Pete Thomas' website..

Steve Neff has lots of material available as well.

Now if you are looking for something to play along to, such as a
backing track (your post is ambiguous), then online you can
find midi files, otherwise there is plenty of material available from
Jamey Aebersold on CD's.

BTW - Alto Saxophone chords are no different than chords on any
other sax or instrument. Unless you are looking for chord arpeggio
exercises written specifically for the sax.
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And of course, Tim Price has a lot of free material available...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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