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Where Can I Buy A Tuner For My Alto?

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Is there a decent tuner that I can buy at a retail music store? I live in Myrtle Beach SC, and I want to keep it under $100. Thanks!
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You can get the small cassette sized ones on ebay for under $20.
Before you rush out and buy one...

You can also get APPS for your cell phone that do it. I use the Petersen Strobotuner for iPhone. Works amazingly well.
Perhaps the small cassette sized one Bruce Bailey was referring to above may be the Korg Chromatic Tuner CA-30, which I believe I bought for under $20. It is basic, very reliable and easy to use.
Yep, I use an iphone app called "Chromatic Tuner" or something similar that is brilliant.
The Korg tuners suggested above, as with many of the $20 range tuners, are not back-lit and are difficult to see in low light or at an angle.
The Boss Tuner that I have had for twenty years that works flawlessly in all applications, is no longer produced. I guess making something that durable is not good for the business model.

Anyway..this looks like it has all the goodies and is super inexpensive:
Here's a free tuner for now until you get one.
And if all these are too expensive, you could always use the ones attached to your head...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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