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When Sunny Gets Blue

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Hi - During lockdown I have been trying to learn songs (properly) by mapping out the chords/harmony. It's a slow process but it is certainly working. However, I am currently baffled by a chord sequence in the song 'When Sunny Gets Blue'. It's in the 5th bar of the song. The song is in G for me (tenor key). In bar 5 there is a C#7b5 (half dim) chord followed by C-7 (iv-7) F7 (bVII7) and then moving to G major in bar 6. I cannot work out what the function of this C#7b5 is doing in this instance. Apologies if this is really simple and obvious. Any help from you musical wizards out there would be appreciated. Thank you


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I think your suggestion of delineating all the ii V's is a good one. .
Also, when analyzing a tune this way, keep in mind that some of the V chords could be tritone subs. For ex, C#7 is a sub for G7, so if you see something like Dmin7 / C#7 / C, that C#7 subbing for G7 is a way to smooth out the line. And as Simon mentioned a tritone sub isn't necessarily limited to dom chords (something I found out at one point, to my surprise).
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