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When I began teaching in the early 70's the few Grassi saxophones some of my students owned were notoriously bad instruments. They were poorly designed and constructed and were terribly out of tune. Does anyone know what year(s) this brand turned around and started making decent saxophones?

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Some say that it was with the advent of their "Professional 2000" series. If you can discover when this model was introduced then that was the year of change.
I know very little about Grassi except that I have a Professional 2000 tenor and it equals anything that I have ever played, which includes Selmers. In fact, it is very similar indeed to a good Mk 6. Obviously I do not know if all Pro. 2000s play as well as mine but many contributors to this board have the same experience as I.
Oddly, this model was not the top of their range, that accolade was the province of Grassi's "Prestige" model...this based on the fact that the latter was their most expensive offering.
No-one seems to know which model was the last to be produced; they appear to have been made concurrently. This begs the question "...why continue to market the Prestge which seems to be inferior to the less expensive "Professional 2000"?
I have not checked his stock recently but Don Mackrill of London has both models still in stock...neither is cheap, but anyone contemplating a Selmer would be strongly advised to pay him a visit.
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