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I once saw Branford Marsalis change his reed four times in one show. One time he even took a good five minutes between two songs to find a good one. Then during a song that featured the bass and piano he proceeded to talk to a fellow bandmate through the entire piece. It was wonderful.
One time I was playing an outdoor gig and it was really humid then raining, so reed viability became an issue. I pulled out a fibracell I used to keep in the case because I was soaking through the cane reeds, but it was too hard. It was a rock band, so I called one of the tunes I didn't care to blow on and moved off to the side to make some quick adjustments with my trusty sandpaper and plexiglass. It was fine (and bright and buzzy as hell) the rest of the evening.

After the show everyone was very curious about the sax player who they swore was sitting over there doing blow a few songs into the second set!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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