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Great question! I'd like to know some setups for tenor also. I know the RPC 115B is a little bright for me. I'd like to have a darker sound too.

My Tenor Mouthpiece Tone Comparison:
  • Otto Link Tone Edge 7* is the darkest piece I own. I describe it as 'buzzy' compared to the RPC. I like the buzzy sound, but have trouble with projection on this piece.
    Next brighter piece is my Otto Link NY STM 7*. Great classic jazz sound...really just right!
    Next is the RPC mentioned above. Speaks very easily from mid register on up. Just a little resistance down low. Again, just a little brighter than I would like.
    Dukoff D8 is an awesome piece I'm just now starting to get the chops to play. I can blow some serious air through this piece and can play it from medium dark to laser bright.
    Brightest is a Berg Larsen 95/0M - this thing is a laser even if I'm using a 4 or 5 reed.

I know this will flame some people, but I just don't see any difference in the ligatures I use on these pieces. :?

I use a Rico Jazz Select 2M these days. I've tried lots of reeds, but the batch of RJS's I'm playing right now are the best I've found. always, YMMV :D
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