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Does any of you tech out there knows what's going on with
I ordered few tools off them through internet on 31/07, since then i've sent them 4 more emails. Guess what.. No reply what so ever. I am getting a little pissed off here, they should email even if they don't want to supply anything to me.

Do they have a new policy that they do their best not to contact customers?
Or do they have problems with their internet?

Anybody? :?
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Thank you guys for all your posts.
It's a littler difficult for me for phone order cause the time difference(NZ) and cost of phone bill.
I've orderd some tools from them before and they were excellent.
They reply to me the next day and thoses tool arrived in NZ in few days.
Maybe I just expect too much from them.
Or maybe as you said their website is down again.

I shall wait for another few days..:(
Hi Gordon
I've been around this forum for a little while. I was quite happy just reading what's on this forum till now. I noticed that you've been very helpful to other memebers and appear on lots other threads. I am just starting to take intrest in repairing saxophone. I've just done my first overhaul on a tenor, I suck but it was a lot of fun. I did take your advices on other the book, Ferree's catalog...etc. They are very useful and I thank you for that....:)
For sure I will keep having fun doing sax repairs and a lot more to learn about it. Of course I will be reading your posts and learn from it. Thanks again for your input.:)
Gordon thank you very much for your invitation.
I am sure I will remember the invitation, especially this kind of opportunity.
Thank you again Gordon.:D
Yeh! Finally got a reply from today. They have been sending email to wrong address...?

Opps! I just put through a order to Ferree's.
I am in trouble now..>_<
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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