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What's this Mouthpiece

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Hi, I just found an old mpc in my band's storage room.

It's a wood mpc, made in France, but I can't really read the name on it.

It appears to say Relandouz, with the R worked and the leg from the Z passing under the entire name. It also says France beneath it.

Google doens´t recognize the name, it has no matches.

Can you tell something about it? I can upload photos, but I can't take a good clean shot of the name so you can read it.

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It's that exactly!

In the mpc I found it's very blurry and I couldn't figure it out, bu it's that, the difference is that the line that passes beneath the name as on top France, and doesn't say Paris, nor does it have the box saying AL.

Many Thanks.
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Here are some pics.

Will post more.
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Of what I can see, there is nothing else written other than Alelandais France.

I don't know if it is standard or not, but it's a wonderfull mpc. A little picky in some ways but fantastic. The end that goes in the bari sax is a little big, and doens't close properly so it tends to squick a little in the high notes. Something to fix ahead.

I'm positive that it's wood, and it has been clean, so what your seing isn't definetely dirt. Appart from that, the mpc is still a bit dirty, but it's something that doesn't come out without scrapping so I'll leave it.

My father works with woods, so I'll ask him some oil to protect it.
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I'll look into it then, thanks.

Anyone has an idea of what it may be worth?
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